The vision of Maryland Capital Enterprise (MCE) is ‘to be the catalyst for small business success across the Eastern Shore and throughout Maryland’. MCE has over 220 small business loans out to entrepreneurs located throughout the Delmarva Peninsula and other parts of Maryland, and provides technical support, training and consulting to these clients. MCE is also a catalyst for generating new businesses through the popular “First Steps” program designed to provide all the information necessary to start a small business. To increase the reach of existing programs and reach many more potential new entrepreneurs, MCE is establishing an online entrepreneurship training center which will also include virtual meetings, webinars, consulting and technical assistance in building business plans and securing financing. The goal of the MCE-Online program is to serve more businesses, more efficiently, and to provide on-demand tools and resources for small businesses. MCE-Online will expand the organization’s reach to those who are unable to travel to traditional training programs and reduce travel costs of MCE technical consultants as well.