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by Dennis Alcala - Wednesday, 8 June 2022, 8:16 PM
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Translation performance software.n Delivering translations and localization of content with accuracy and speed is a key challenge for any translation.n Main differences compared to legacy tools: parallel display of information, translation quality considering reverse check selection, volume and speed of work, design templates, automatic formatting control and much more.n The solution provides work with two files at the same time, while maintaining the sequence and status of the translation. The data use policy complies with the requirements for US government departments. The system allows you to maintain the compliance of the document profile with the requirements and standards for work at the government level. A single electronic source and a centralized data storage structure were used to ensure security. The data provided is used only for those operations where they are needed. In order to preserve the confidentiality of information movement, up to 10 databases can be expanded. The work log was created for the convenience of operational control and analysis of the life cycle of a translation program. The log contains all the necessary content, as well as a work plan, a list of all recently completed requests, source text with restrictions and comments, data for restoring the translation. The log log contains previously executed queries and current translation information. The program is intended for manual management of a translation project. Supports multiple levels of performers. Work with orders is carried out in several steps.For the most correct and prompt execution of the order, the following steps are provided in the software solution: Determination of the order by the user at the stage of working with the ordered document. Sending an electronic application for transfer. Placing custom work in the system and notifying the user of readiness. Implementation of the translation of work at the stage of translation. In case of successful work of an employee in the translation program, his work is saved in the translation file. The translator can then easily upload additional translation materials to the system or order other works. The work planning process takes 15-20 minutes. Automatic control and management. Ability to order and print an unlimited number of copies of the document. Extension of lead time. Search for all the requirements entered by the user and move on to the next stage of work. It is also possible to work on the same task in different tasks. Editing, template and canceling the translation before starting to work with the translation. Support for parallel output in various formats (Word, HTML, PDF, JPEG, etc.). Report on the results of work in comparison with previous terms. Tracking projects at all stages of their implementation. A logical allocation of stages as they are completed with a description of the tasks performed. snapshot