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Watch Udayananu Tharam 01 - South Indian classic on Dailymotion. The killer thing is Three Siberians, again from rapper Chakin's: I'm not complaining and I'm not waiting for Putin to win the election again. I am not a politician or a political scientist. I am an ordinary person. But I remember very well: on December 16, 2012, when YouTube brought mass blocking of YouTube on us, ordinary bloggers, I said this phrase: “Guys, this is not a war for you. Not even a revolution. It will be just a show. How many swear words were not spoken, they hit only the people. Only for him." Everything that happened afterward was natural. Navalny agitated millions of people against Putin. Putin is campaigning for millions of people for Navalny. The people show solidarity with Navalny. And of course, then many people will feel ashamed: “We supported Navalny. And he betrayed us and put us in our place.†There is also a more powerful force. I mean the American administration. Of course, against the backdrop of all this, Putin's efforts on Putin are having a beneficial effect on Russian politics, gradually he begins to score points. Let's talk about these glasses. For some reason, Putin's qualities are directly dependent on the strength of pressure on him. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that if it were not for this strength and influence of America, Russia would not exist today as a sovereign state. And instead of Putin, the same corrupt official would have come, but at the head of state. Whatever the case, I'm glad Trump didn't do America's will.